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This site is designed for any student, parent or teacher who is interested in preparing for the SAT.
There are lots of video tutorials, links, and downloads, and more are coming.

Did You Know 2.0 video now in the Class Stuff page.


Click the Free Rice page for additional details about the challenge itself, a breakdown of the rules and the Free Rice Challenge Hall of Fame!.

The Quarter One (2010) classes of SAT Preparation donated 220,740 grains of rice (Block 2: 96,510, Block 4: 124,230) using

As of Friday, October 29, 2010, a minimum of 2,131,669 grains of rice have been donated to the U.N. World Food Hunger Program by SAT Prep students (school year 2009-2010 & 2010-2011) via Thanks to all who have participated and to those who will continue to play. Let's keep helping feed impoverished and hungry people around the globe!

NOTE: To get the full effects of the video tutorials, make sure your speakers are on and volume is turned up.

CHECK OUT: The Practice Worksheets page to download questions in the different content areas of the SAT's, compiled and created by the SAT Prep students. There are answer keys AND explanations, to help YOU improve on the assessment.

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