Winners & Hall of Fame

Highest Overall Weekly Average Level: 52 (Sarah, Q2 Block 2, 2009-2010 SY)

Most Rice Earned in 1 Game (6 minutes total): 1280 (Garrett, Q2 Block 3, 2009-2010SY)

Basic Rules of the Challenge

The students have been engaging in a challenge on Free Rice to increase their vocabulary and help feed hungry people around the world. Check back often for updates. The students play Free Rice two times each period, once at the beginning of class and once at the end. Each round lasts for six minutes (a total of twelve minutes spent playing). For the first week, each student began at level 30 to establish their individual vocabulary level according to Free Rice. Their levels were averaged together, and that average became their new starting level. Every week their levels are re-averaged, and the following week students start the week with their new average. I just wrote the word average a lot.

Rice Winner: The student who earns the most total rice per class.
Level Winner: The student with the greatest overall averaged level gain.